by Munkhkhuleg Tserenpurev, 5/19/21

Wearing masks, social distancing, working and studying remotely are all the “innovations” of modern standards of the COVID-19 pandemic. The newest addition to that list is the vaccine passport. It has already been almost a year since most countries closed their borders because of COVID-19. Along with this, there weren’t any travels. However, a vaccine passport is the one way to restart the tourism industry.

“The COVID vaccine passport or certification is a very important thing now because, currently, it is the only thing that can prove whether the person is vaccinated or not,” said nurse…

One of the many shelves of the food pantry in the Whitworth sociology lounge in Lindaman Hall. Along with food, the pantry also has essentials like toiletries available for students. Photo by Angela Wessel.

by Angela Wessel, 5/19/21

Graduation caps go flying up into the air. The crowd cheers! Or, maybe your family cheers as you graduate high school over Zoom or in a car. Regardless of how you graduated, you’ve done it, you’re ready to head off to college and be an adult. But are you prepared?

While most incoming students recognize the cost of tuition and housing, they may fail to recognize all the additional costs of living on their own. Food, textbook, clothing, insurance costs and other expenses can add up and overwhelm. …

Due to phase out this summer, WhitworthFLEX’s presence still looms over students. Photo by Seth Miller.

by Seth Miller, 5/19/21

After a full academic year with the WhitworthFLEX learning model, Whitworth’s President Beck Taylor announced in a statement, Intentions for Fall Term 2021, on February 19 that the approach embraced by the university during this past pandemic year will not continue into fall 2021.

WhitworthFLEX is a hybrid teaching model created as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help Whitworth remain a residential university, with the majority of students on campus amid the pandemic. …

by Magdalena Zlatanova, 5/19/2021

Whitworth senior Ingrid Anzueto says there’s an allure to procrastination.

“There is something about not taking responsibility and vegetating — it’s more appealing than doing the work,” said

This spring, finals week at Whitworth University is from May 18 to May 21, 2021. This is the time when students are turning in final projects, scrambling to complete all tasks for their classes and cramming material for the final exams in an effort to finish the semester with a good grade. …

According to Whitworth’s website, “The Clothesline Project is a visual display that gives voice to those affected by sexual violence.” Photo taken by Stephanie Lewis.

by Emerald Maple, 5/19/21

Sexual assault on college campuses is a big concern for many students, given that the rate of non-consensual contact in colleges is 13%, according to the Association of American Universities.

Whitworth University implements two sexual assault education programs: a mandatory freshmen orientation and a program called Green Dot. Sexual assault awareness is also implemented in different club events and some professors teach about it in their classrooms.

“We’re using whatever we can to help our community understand the detriments of sexual assault,” says Rhosetta Rhodes, Title IX Coordinator.

Listen to this clip to hear Rhodes explain…

Whitworth students engage in activities on campus amidst COVID-19. Photo by Angel Stacey.

by Angel Stacey, 5/19/21

Due to COVID-19, Whitworth decided that to uphold safety precautions by not granting students a traditional spring break. However, this seemed to have made the semester feel that much longer for students.

“I would be lying if I said it has not had its challenges,” Whitworth senior and ASWU President Parker Daniels said. “April was an extremely busy month between events, meetings, and schoolwork. Having that break at the before all of that would have been helpful for sure.”

Daniels said not having a break to recuperate or even just relax proved to make the semester…

by Samantha Holm, 5/19/21

For this past school year, most students have fallen into the rhythm of clicking Zoom links to attend class and completing assignments online. However, many are unable to adjust to remote learning due to inequitable internet access, including 57 % of college students.

This gap between students with reliable internet access and those with little or no access at all is known as the digital divide. Although the pandemic has amplified and drawn more awareness toward this issue, it has existed since the early 1990s.

Ayaka Dohi, student diversity, equity and inclusion (SDEI) director at Whitworth…

Christian Aguilar next year’s Outreach Coordinator Photo by Karen Lewis.

by Xavier Nila, 5/19/21

The Associated Students of Whitworth University (ASWU) will include a new position of Outreach Coordinator next academic year.

According to ASWU’s website, its mission statement is, “We, the Associated Students of Whitworth University, are committed to promoting holistic growth, safety, well-being, and a united fellowship. We shall serve and advocate for the diverse voices of our student body justly and with compassion, establishing an equitable community through grace, respect, and intentional engagement.”

The new Outreach Coordinator is tasked with ensuring equity for all students, specifically highlighted in the ASWU mission statement. The new position will allow…

by Alex D’Agostino, 5/19/21

COVID-19 restrictions have posed many challenges for NCAA teams, due to limits on personnel numbers, traveling protocols and the lack of fans.

In a year when most athletic seasons were in question, traveling became a blessing for many athletes. Whitworth athletics were able to compete and travel during the 2020–2021 season. However, restrictions posed by universities and the NCAA have altered the way travel was done.

“We can’t all be in one van like we usually are, and we have to be masked while we travel,” said Whitworth’s head Women’s Tennis coach Rachel Aldridge. Aldridge said…

Taylor Bradshaw, a WSU-Whitworth nursing student, studies for finals. Photo by Peyton Prudente.

by Peyton Prudente, 5/19/21

As the spring semester comes to a close, the debate around requiring COVID-19 vaccines for returning students in the fall is gaining more prominence and controversy.

A wide range of universities have already announced their requirement of student and faculty vaccination upon fall return. This list includes schools such as Washington State University, University of Washington, Whitman College, University of Portland, and Oregon State University, according to an article published by University Business.

This decision process, although it looks different based on universities, has created a divide in perspectives. Those who support the requirement of COVID-19…

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